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A foot covered in cream coloured powder is held by two hands, also covered in powder, as if they are rubbing this into the foot.

T for Toes

Foot Powder

For toe-tally refreshed feet

A sample of T for Toes - a creamy grey coloured, fine foot powder.
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"While I don't use this directly on my feet, I use it in my slippers and shoes, which otherwise get a little smelly. I have noticed that they now smell fresh! Fantastic especially for trainers." - bookfairyemail

"This stuff is amazing! My boyfriend spends all day on his feet at work, they'll get hot and sweaty which results in smelly feet... He's been using it for 4 months and hasn't had an issue since, his shoes don't even smell now - plus he noticed a difference within the first couple of days of using it!" - hahyns

"This powder works amazingly for those that constantly work in boots. I have been using these for a few months now, and they nullified the smell of my work boots. Plus, a little sprinkle on the toes goes a long way." - Bloodrayne

How to use:

Sprinkle this foot powder, made with absorbent kaolin powder and teamed with antibacterial tea tree, all over your feet for the freshest step yet. 


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