What is CBD oil?

In the UK, any of Lush’s CBD oil products are completely legal and safe to use, what's more they are non-addictive and have no mind-altering effects.

Why is Lush using CBD oil in its products?

At Lush, we believe in creating cosmetics that not only smell and look good, but make you feel good, too. Encouraging self-care and boosting wellbeing has always been at the heart of Lush’s ethos. Every bath bomb, bubble bar, soap, and, well, every product that we hand make is created with your mood in mind. We’ve always used an expertly blended range of essential oils to create unique and innovative cosmetics, using ingredients that are good for your skin and your mood. Want to feel relaxed? We’ve got lavender for that. Energised? Lemon oil to the rescue!

While there’s no one-stop shop to look after your mind and your body, there are loads of things that can help: running, yoga, food, therapy, everyone is different. One of the things we’ve heard a lot from our customers is that CBD helps them to feel good. As taking on feedback from our customers is at the heart of our brand, this inspired us to get to work on a range of eight CBD based products. The way we see it, if we can help someone who enjoys using CBD to feel a little better and supercharge their self-care in a safe and ethical way, then we are happy to provide them with a range of Lush CBD products.

What is CBD oil and where does it come from?

People often wonder what CBD is and where it comes from, often asking whether it comes from one plant or another. In fact, cannabis, hemp and marijuana are all basically different names for the same plant that we derive CBD oil from.

As for CBD oil, it is a non-addictive compound that is completely legal in the UK and many other countries. Our supplier, Pure Organic, extracts our CBD oil from the stems and seeds of the plant. To ensure an even distribution, we mix it with a carrier oil (hemp seed oil). For example in Lush’s 4:20PM perfume, we use 30% CBD isolate mixed with MPG and give the customer directions as to how regularly this product should be used on the skin.

Is CBD oil a drug?

The cannabis plant has many compounds, the two we’re going to be talking about are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Although they’re both phytocannabinoids, CBD and THC have very different effects and properties. They exist in differing levels in cannabis plants. When it comes to the cannabis grown for drug use, this is done so for its mind-altering properties due to its high THC content. THC is a psychotropic compound, which means that it has an effect on our mental state. THC is the stuff that creates a ‘high’ and is the compound that is illegal in the UK and several other countries. CBD, on the other hand, is a compound that is known for its therapeutic effects, believed to help you relax and for having anti-inflammatory effects. While CBD oil is not psychotropic and does not induce a high, it can have a positive effect on our mood and is used by many for its other beneficial purposes. Our CBD oil is made from industrial hemp, meaning it is completely legal in the UK as it meets all safety requirements. As we shared earlier, our CBD oil source is extracted from the grown stalks and stems of industrial hemp and tested to ensure that it contains no THC at the end of every production run. That means, in the UK, any CBD oil products that conform to these standards, including Lush’s CBD products, are completely legal, safe to use, non-addictive and have no mind-altering effects.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

The benefits of CBD oil are still being studied. With that said, recent studies have found that CBD oil applied topically as part of cosmetic products can have anti-inflammatory benefits, making it great for caring for your skin & reducing redness. There are legal limitations about what we can say about CBD as a cosmetics company, but as more and more studies are carried out on CBD, we learn more about its reputed benefits for mind and body. It is important to mention that CBD oil is not a substitute for looking after your mental wellbeing, and if you’re worried about your mental health you should speak to a trusted person or medical professional like a GP. They’ll be able to help you find the best way to manage your mental wellbeing.

Is CBD oil legal?

There are strict regulations around CBD oil to ensure it is safe to use in products. Here at Lush, your safety is the most important thing in our cosmetic development and we would never compromise on this. Every product that Lush uses go through rigorous internal and external animal-free testing. 

How much CBD oil is in the products?

All of our CBD products contain CBD at safe levels.

Joints massage bar, 4:20PM bath bomb and Botanomancy bubble bar - These three products all use a raw material that is made of 10% CBD mixed with 90% hemp oil. This high concentration of 10% CBD oil is in turn used in all of our products at a percentage that provides one dose (25mg) of CBD in each item.

4:20PM perfume - Each bottle contains 1000mg of CBD per 30ml item and should be spritzed up to 6 times per day onto the skin.

Magik CBD Epsom salt cube bath bomb, Magik CBD massage bar, Magik CBD temple balm and Magik CBD shower gel - These four Magik CBD products all use a raw material that is made of 10% CBD mixed with 90% hemp oil. This high concentration of 10% CBD oil provides the below amount of Mg’s CBD per product.

Magik CBD Epsom salt cube bath bomb - 150 mg of CBD

Magik CBD massage bar - 98 mg of CBD

Magik CBD temple balm - 40 mg of CBD - (approx 1.5mg per use)

Magik CBD shower gel - 100g shower gel bottle - 50 mg of CBD, 250g shower gel bottle - 125 mg of CBD, 500g shower gel bottle - 250 mg of CBD (approx 5mg per use)

Which other ingredients are used in CBD oil products and why?

Magik Epsom salt cube bath bomb & Magik massage bar have been specially formulated to include extra ingredients that compliment the benefits of CBD and support wellbeing. This includes magnesium, an essential mineral that has the potential to be absorbed transdermally, and adaptogens: a group of plant-based ingredients with potent defences against external stressors. These are being studied for their role in supporting the human body during stress, both as supplements and in cosmetics. 

Magik Epsom salt cube bath bomb - Each Magik Epsom salt cube bath bomb contains 250mg of CBD oil and over 40% Epsom salt (Magnesium sulphate). As if that wasn’t enough, we also added a little powdered shiitake mushroom for its reputed adaptogenic qualities.

Magik CBD massage bar - As well as the 98mg of CBD oil, we add 122mg magnesium chloride per 5g of product and a triple whammy of adaptogenic ingredients such as panax ginseng, ashwagandha infusion and fresh shiitake mushroom.

Is CBD oil safe for children and pregnant people?

CBD studies for use specifically in cosmetics regarding children and pregnant and breastfeeding adults are limited, therefore we recommend seeking advice from your doctor or medical expert before trying.

What if someone accidentally eats a CBD oil product?

We know they look and smell delicious, but please don’t eat any Lush products. Lush products are not edible and should not be eaten by humans or animals. If you, your child, or your pet ingest Lush products please seek medical advice.

Why can’t it be shipped outside the UK?

CBD oil legislation differs from region to region, currently, our CBD products can be shipped to the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and within the UK.

We hope that this article has answered your most pressing questions about CBD and if you’re interested check out our range of CBD products here!

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