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How to give a foot massage

Whoever, whenever and whatever the occasion, it’s always nice to treat those we love (or let's be honest ourselves) to a ten-minute foot massage. Here's some tips on how to perfect your foot-massage technique from the expert therapists over at the Lush Spa.

1. First things first, it’s important to get your massage partner comfortable in a laid down position. Tuck some folded towels underneath their knees to elevate and relieve any pressure on their lower back. Ask your partner to breathe in and out deeply. This fills the body with fresh energy and eases tension.

2. Place your hands under their heels and lightly pull. Stretching both feet will elongate the muscles and allow you to connect with your partner.

3. Warm your lotion or massage bar in your hands and apply to both feet (and lower legs) with large sweeping motions to awaken the muscles and ready them for massage. Massage both feet at the same time, if you can. Then pay further attention to with each foot in turn.

4. As you work on one foot, wrap the other in a warm towel. Run your thumbs up the centre of the foot with a confident, but not too firm, pressure. Circle the pads of your thumbs over the balls of their feet to alleviate any tension.

5. Reflexology tells us that you can massage your partner's toes to release sinus problems and headaches, each toe and then the big toe. Thumb along the arch of the foot to relieve any spinal discomfort - go gently with this one!

6. Gently glide your right hand up the leg and pull the ankle with your left to provide a soothing pull. This takes the massage in a complete circle and should leave your partner feeling relaxed with any tensions eased; like they could walk on air.

If this sounds good, why not head to the Lush Spa, where you can choose from a wide range of wonderful treatments including The Spell reflexology foot massage.

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