Waste Knot, Want Knot: The Knot Swap scheme

Knot Wraps - whether you’re looking for a reusable alternative to wrapping paper, a unique carrier bag you can create yourself, or the perfect accessory to your outfit, these unique, durable and stylish fabric wraps are here to help you out.

Lush has been using Knot Wraps for ten years now, and over this time a multitude of colourful creations have flown off the shelves and into your hands (and hair!). From an array of floral fancies to technicolour tapestries, you’ve been wrapping, folding and twisting things up in a sustainable fashion for over a decade - all while supporting social enterpriseslocal communities and green initiatives across the globe.

However, these wonderful wraps are about to get even better. Introducing the Knot Swap scheme - the perfect way to freshen up your collection without wasting a stitch! If you’ve been itching to get your hands on some of our new wraps, but haven’t wanted to simply discard your old designs, now is your chance to give your preloved Lush Knot Wraps a new lease of life.

The scheme is pretty simple - first things first, take a look through your collection of Lush labelled Knot Wraps.  Over the years we imagine you’ve built up quite the collection amongst yourselves and your family, so see if you can find one you’re ready to say goodbye to.

Next, have a good look over the fabric to ensure it is in good condition: if you can see no rips, holes, pulls, stains or faded patches, bring it along next time you head to your nearest Lush store. You’ll be able to return this wrap in exchange for a whopping 50% off another Lush labelled Knot Wrap of the same size!

To make this an even sweeter deal, your pre-loved wrap will then be washed, refreshed and ready to hit the shelves once again. This means next time you want to design a bespoke Furoshiki inspired gift, you bring an old design in and be inspired by an even larger variety of Lush Knot Wraps from the past ten years. You might even find some rare collectables, or a design you’ve been desperate to grab for years!

By bringing back your Knot Wraps, you’re taking an active step to avoid sending them straight to landfill and causing pollution, as well as increasing the active life of the fabric. Knot Wraps have been designed to be passed on and reused for years. However, with an estimated average life of an item of clothing only lasting 2.2 years in the UK, buying second-hand clothing can reduce the carbon, water and waste footprints of the fashion industry.

Using Knot Wraps as an alternative to traditional wrapping paper is also a great way to celebrate a birthday or festive season with a clean conscience. Lots of conventional gift wrap is made from foiled plastic wrap, meaning it often cannot even be recycled. As wrapping paper sits in landfill it can be blown out and into the surrounding landscapes and waters, causing pollution and damage to the environment. By using, and reusing these funky Furoshiki alternatives at least seven times, gifting can become a whole lot greener.

So, by participating in this new scheme you can help extend the numerous possibilities of Knot Wraps even further. If you’re ready to flip the gift wrap industry on its head (and look great while doing so!) remember to bring your Lush Knot Wraps back to store and grab yourself a bargain that benefits the planet as well as your wallet!

Not quite wrapped your head around the new scheme? Don’t get tied up in a knot! Simply head over to your local Lush and ask one of our friendly sales assistants for some advice.

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