Makeup tips for sensitive eyes

With cosmetics enthusiasts being more conscious than ever about what they put onto their skin, Lush Makeup is here to offer a whole host of cruelty-free products, packed full of skincare benefits. Let’s focus on the eyes, an area of the face that can be particularly sensitive and deserve only the most skin-loving formulas.

Here are some things to bear in mind if you’re looking to take a walk on the mild side.

Careful cleansing

Did you know that on average, the skin around your eyes is around 3 to 5 times thinner than on the rest of your face? For that reason and so many others, kindness is key when it comes to keeping this delicate area of the face happy. Try to steer clear of unnecessary or irritating ingredients, and be extra gentle when you’re cleaning this area. We recommend rich and protective cream cleansers such as Ultraplant which contain minimal ingredients for maximum impact. 

Avoid preservatives

As a rule of thumb, if a product has a really long shelf life, it tends to contain a lot of preservatives to keep it going. This is especially true if it is a water-based formula, as bacteria and water are very good friends! Overloading a product with preservatives, especially eye products, can sometimes irritate customers with more sensitive skin.

When it comes to our mascara range, we have two which are both incredibly low in preservatives. Firstly, we have our new addition, Lush Lashes. This vegetarian friendly formula is packed full of lengthening Wheatgrass as well as protective Beeswax and Acacia gum. Secondly, we have Eyes Right: our vegan friendly option with Carnauba wax and Wheatgrass infusion for a beautiful every day lash look. 

Watch the shelf life

In a nutshell, when it comes to sensitive eyes and mascara, obey the rules reinforced by experts and replace your mascara every three months to prevent eye irritation.

Last but not least, be assured that the search for an eyeliner that’s long-wearing but also kind to your eyes ends is over! Our range of 6 vegan eyeliners all contain a soothing base of aloe vera gel and jojoba oil, which is gentle on the delicate eye area throughout wear. For those who love a metallic shade, shop our collection with confidence, as our entire range contains 100% plastic-free glitter. Our shimmers are based in synthetic mica for traceability reasons and are completely eye-safe, for long-lasting wear without irritation. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these top tips for taking care of sensitive eyes.

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