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The best skincare routine

It’s no secret - when it comes to keeping the skin looking and feeling its best, simplicity and consistency are key. Once it’s right, stick to it. The industry would often prefer you didn’t know that - with the global skincare market estimated to be worth a cool $189.3 billion by 2025. To add to this, thousands of searches happen every day for ingredients such as retinol and vitamin c, as well as tweakments like botox and dermal fillers as consumers seek out holy grail solutions to achieve good skin. 

As a result, a never-ending range of ingredients that are touted as the new wonder product appear more frequently than ever and when you consider the growth of the industry in recent years, it’s clear why this is. Trends will come and go, but listening to your skin and establishing your best skincare routine is the most important advice that we can give you. That, and recommending Lush’s best skincare staples that will help you to maintain healthy, happy skin. No trends - just beautiful, effects led formulas that work hard to take excellent care of your skin.

Lush believes in creating products that our customers can use for decades, that create the right effects to keep their skin in the best possible condition. Our mantra is “gentle but effective”, allowing the skin to function normally and to be its best, year after year, for a 100-year life. We may not be like other brands, but we are more than comfortable with that. When it comes to what’s out there in the industry, let’s break down some of the most sought after ingredients and recommend the Lush staples that share these benefits without some of the potential drawbacks.

Hyaluronic Acid

We had to kick things off with the most widely available and highly sought after ingredient in the industry, Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient pops up a lot in skincare, across practically every category, from cleansers, to face masks and moisturisers. This synthetic humectant helps to draw moisture into the skin, which means it’s good for dehydrated complexions.

Our answer to Hyaluronic Acid is Glycerine, as it’s an incredible natural humectant. 

Bonus: the glycerine that Lush uses is 100% palm-free. Humectants help the skin look fuller, plumper and reduce the appearance of fine lines, so it’s no wonder it’s a highly popular ingredient. This is where it gets a little sciencey, but it’s worth it, so stick with us. When it comes to our skin's ability to absorb these ingredients, the lower the molecular weight, the better. This is because they are able to deeply penetrate the skin and reach the dermis layer, which is where collagen is found. Molecular weight is measured in Daltons and anything lower than 500 Daltons easily reaches the dermis. As Glycerine is only 92 Daltons, it is very rapidly absorbed and leaves the skin looking and feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.

Why not sell a stand alone Glycerine product?

Though single ingredient products have taken centre stage as of late, we actually believe that having Glycerine as part of our formulations means that it can be supported by the right ingredients that can make the most of its abilities. After all, Glycerine is not only highly effective for boosting hydration but it also has an ability to carry other ingredients into the skin. We use Glycerine in around 137 Lush products and it’s high up in the ingredients lists of many of our skincare products for its hydrating benefits. For a gentle, hydrating cleanse we recommend Ultrabland Facial Cleanser. This best-loved cleansing balm is packed full of Glycerine, Honey and Almond Oil to help gently remove makeup or just for giving your skin a thorough cleanse. For best results, use a hot flannel or cloth to thoroughly remove Ultrabland from the skin, leaving it feeling soft, clean and hydrated. If you’re looking for an extra moisture boost, Celestial Facial Moisturiser is as gentle as it is supremely hydrating. Packed full of moisture-rich Almond Oil, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Pod Extract, this best selling moisturiser also contains Glycerine to turbo-boost your skin’s hit of hydration. 

Exfoliating acids (chemical exfoliants)

Often referred to as AHAs (Alpha hydroxy acids), BHAs (Beta hydroxy acids) and PHAs (Poly hydroxy acids), you have very likely heard of these ingredients. Specific examples include: Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic, Citric, Malic and Tartaric acid. In a nutshell, these ingredients are a group of exfoliating acids which work to speed up desquamation (the shedding of surface skin cells) without requiring a physical, scrubbing action. 

When it comes to what people are looking for from these kinds of ingredients, we totally get it. As we get older, our natural desquamation cycle slows down and benefits from a little boost. Chemical exfoliants may be widely available, but they’re not the only way of achieving a glowing complexion.

Lush’s answer to exfoliating acids is natural physical exfoliants such as ground almonds and ground aduki beans - you won’t find any microbeads here. These ingredients gently buff away dull surface skin cells, providing all of the radiance without the photosensitivity that commonly occurs after using exfoliating acids. As well as this, we love to use whole fruits that contain natural AHA’s (think pineapple and lemon) to remove dull surface skin cells and brighten the complexion. Don’t Look At Me Face Mask showcases the best of both of these things as it contains over 19% fresh lemon juice as well as deeply polishing ground rice to boost the skin’s radiance. For extra moisture, follow up with Enzymion Facial Moisturiser. Think softened, glowy, dewy skin with all of the benefits of natural AHA rich lemon and papaya.  

Vitamin C

Here’s another ingredient that you probably hear a lot about. Vitamin C, also known as L-Ascorbic Acid, is an antioxidant that is known to lessen fine lines, boost collagen and balance uneven skin tone. 

We are excited to share that we’ve recently developed our very first Vitamin C product. Our brand new Bright & Beautiful Facial Scrub contains a 10% Vitamin C formula alongside cleansing powdered charcoal and polishing sugar to give the skin a beautiful radiance boost. For maximum effect, use Bright & Beautiful as a mask. Apply to a clean, dry face for 1-2 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and pat the skin dry. Though widely available, you will often find that Vitamin C tends to be sold in very high concentrations. The levels that we use in our products are always carefully balanced to create the optimum effects on the skin. 


This highly sought after skincare ingredient is hailed as a great all-rounder, as it claims to strengthen the skin’s outer layers, boost elasticity, help with hydration, regulate the skin’s sebum production as well as soothe redness and irritation. It often features in a lot of different products and as a result can be unknowingly overused in a routine.

If you love the glow you get from using Niacinamide, you’ll love incorporating this iconic, Lush Spa staple into your skincare routine. Introducing Full of Grace Facial Oil, a soothing solid serum bar was created especially for our Validation Facial Spa Treatment. This hour-long, multisensory experience takes care of all of your individual skin care needs and leaves you feeling beautiful in the process. So many treatments out there focus on what you want to fix, so instead, Validation Facial focuses on what you want to enhance and embrace, encouraging you to feel confident in your own skin. Full Of Grace Facial Oil contains Fresh Portobello Mushrooms which are rich in zinc, sodium and potassium - all minerals that help with the skin’s natural functions. Mushrooms also commonly contain Niacin – also known as Vitamin B (about 4mg per 100g), as well as antioxidant Vitamin D, which is believed to counteract pollutants. Alongside this powerhouse ingredient, Full Of Grace Facial Oil contains a softening base of Murumuru and Cupuaçu Butter as well as soothing Chamomile Blue Oil to hydrate and calm all complexions.

What’s the ultimate skincare routine?

As we said earlier, more is not always better, despite what the industry tells you. 

Though routines such as the 10-Step Korean skincare routine have become well known the world over in recent years, such an extensive routine isn’t absolutely necessary for keeping your skin looking and feeling good. Happy, healthy skin isn’t about ticking boxes or adding extra steps, it’s about finding the right balance between what your skin needs and enjoys and what works for your lifestyle. We’ve put together a great guide here that can help you figure out an effective routine, whether your skin is sensitive, prone to oiliness or looking for a radiance boost with a range of brightening products. 

A good place to start would be a simple, effective routine such as cleansing, toning and moisturising. Everyone’s needs are different and so the products that you choose depend on what your skin needs as well as the effects you’re looking to achieve.  

1. Cleansing

First things first, cleansing. It’s really important to remove dirt, oil and pollutants from the skin with a gentle, effective cleanser to keep your skin clean and healthy. Regular cleansing can also help to manage things such as break outs, as this step helps to removes dirt and oil that is prone to getting trapped in the pores which often leads to pimples. We’ve already mentioned Ultrabland, which is one of our most iconic cleansers, but we have an entire range to choose from here. From balm cleansers to clay based cleansers such as Angels On Bare Skin (another customer favourite), we like to give customers plenty of options by using a range of effects led ingredients in our products so they can find the best cleanser for their skincare needs. 

2. Toning

Next, toning. Our toner waters are definitely a little different to what’s out there on the market, but for good reason. Many toners contain high concentrations of alcohol, which can dehydrate and irritate the skin, so you won’t find any in our Toner Waters. In essence, toning means to balance and prepare the skin for your next step, which is to moisturise. We think of our Toner Waters as skincare and aromatherapy all in one, with a range of three Toners that utilise ingredients such as Tea Tree, Rose, Lavender and Rosemary for their soothing effect on the skin as well as the mind. Used as part of a routine such as this, spritizing Toner Water onto your skin can actually help your moisturiser to absorb more readily into the skin, as damp skin is more permeable.our Toner Waters can be used throughout the day, particularly in hot weather to give the skin a refreshing pick-me-up. See all of ours here.

3. Moisturise

Last but by no means least, moisturise. Whether you consider your skin to be dry, normal or even oily, moisturiser is a fantastic last step in your routine to ensure that your skin is kept hydrated. When it comes to oiler complexions, the use of a lightweight, easily absorbed moisturiser such as Enzymion or Vanishing Cream can actually help to bring balance to the skin. This is because oily complexions often overcompensate when the skin feels stripped and lacking in hydration. This often happens due to over-cleansing the skin and the use of harsh ingredients, which causes the skin to overproduce sebum. In sum, providing moisture that can be easily absorbed actually helps to bring balance to oilier complexions. As for drier, dehydrated skin, moisturiser gives a much-needed hydration boost and helps to keep the skin healthy and protected. This is particularly true for skin that is sensitive to harsh weather conditions, such as cold, windy weather. 

So, although we’ve outlined these three key steps to maintaining healthy skin, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop there. We just wanted to highlight the benefits of a simple, effective routine, as well as the importance of practising consistency - this is how you will see the best results. With that said, once you’re familiar with your daily skincare needs, you may enjoy the benefits of using the occasional face mask. Products such as our Beauty Sleep Face Mask is an excellent addition to your routine for an extra boost of hydration. Or if you’re looking for a deep, invigorating cleanse, Mask Of Magnaminty Face Mask is a firm customer favourite. Maybe your skin would benefit from the refreshing exfoliation of Ocean Salt Facial Scrub when you’re looking to up the radiance - I know we keep saying it, but it’s all about listening to your skin. The key is to start simple and build out from there based on your skincare needs and what is practical for your lifestyle. Just remember: If in doubt, listen to your skin, keep it simple and stay consistent. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it.

You can explore our full skincare range here.

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