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Alcohol Denat.



Alcohol replaced vegetable oils in perfumes around the 14th century. It carries the fragrance well and disappears almost instantly when applied to the skin, leaving a fresh sensation. 

Where do we get it?

This alcohol is made out of sugar beets in Europe. It is denatured (made unfit for consumption) by adding a super-bitter flavouring ingredient. It is safe for the skin but you will regret it if you try to drink it!

What are the benefits of denatured alcohol?

  • Dilutes and merges essential oils and aromas.
  • Preserves perfume blends.
  • Helps the fragrance last longer on the skin and diffuse.

Unique stories

As it’s very dangerous for health to drink alcohol in pure, high concentrations and also because its trade is highly taxed, alcohol (also called ethanol) must be denatured to be used in perfumes and cosmetics. The ethanol molecule isn’t changed but substances are added to make it undrinkable.

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