To say that buchu oil has a sweet scent would be simplistic. Its minty, fruity, green and camphorous notes make it way more complex and subtle.

What is buchu?

Buchu is an aromatic shrub native to South Africa, where it’s been used as a medicinal and cosmetic ingredient by the indigenous people for centuries. Its small round leaves grow symmetrically, making Buchu a very aesthetic plant. It was introduced to Europe and the United States as a medicine in the 19th century but received uneven success. Today, buchu leaves and oil are traded mainly for their flavouring and aromatic qualities.

What are the benefits of buchu oil?

Although buchu’s blackcurrant and minty fragrance is the main reason you can find it in Lush products, its benefits for the skin shouldn’t go unnoticed. It is, in fact, known for its antiseptic and soothing properties.

Where does Lush source buchu oil?

Buchu is native to the Cederberg region of South Africa and this is where Lush purchases the essential oil. Located on a UNESCO World Heritage site, the family business grows buchu and rooibos which they process themselves into oil and other products, ensuring high standards. They believe in sustainable agricultural practices that promote biodiversity.

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