Tea is good for the skin, mouth, and soul.

Put the kettle on!

Camellia sinensis can be a tall shrub with fragrant white flowers, but it is often kept very small and leafy for cultivation purposes. With each new shoot, the fresh leaves are plucked and used to make the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water: tea!

There are many types of tea, the main ones being white, green, black, oolong and pu'er (or pu-erh) and within which you can find even more varieties. They are all obtained from the generous Camellia sinensis. Besides the location and conditions in which they grew, what differentiates each of these types is the time of harvest and the process they undergo afterwards.

Rolled, cut, pan-fried, roasted, steamed, fermented... almost everything has been tried on tea. These methods, which often go back several centuries, create a noticeable difference in the colour and taste of tea. The leaves can also be blended with other fragrant plants for an infinite variety of tastes. The most popular blend in Great Britain is the Earl Grey, made from black tea and citrus fruits.

What are the benefits of tea in cosmetics?

At Lush, we don’t stick to just one type of tea. This is to have different scents and colours and also sometimes, let’s face it, to fit our inspiration. For example, it sounded just right to use gunpowder tea in a product called Boom! 

Interestingly, teas’ composition can differ depending on the way they are processed. So, each type will have slightly different benefits for the skin and hair. This is why we mainly use green-type teas, as they are usually richer in antioxidants and have more potent soothing and antibacterial properties.

TL;DR / Tea ingredients:

  • Give off a herbaceous scent 
  • Enhance skin radiance
  • Calm irritation and redness
  • Keep teeth and mouth clean and fresh

Oil-rich seeds

It may be less known globally, but the tea plant also grows small flowers which, once fertilised, produce seeds. These seeds can be pressed to obtain oil. It is a precious cosmetic ingredient as it moisturises the skin, but is also soothing and rich in antioxidants thanks to its vitamins K, A and E content.

Where does Lush purchase tea?

Well, it depends on the tea! To find out more about each type we use, browse your Lush product’s list of ingredients and click on the ones you are interested in. This should take you to a page full of details.

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