Birch Water


Birch Water

Betula alba (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Chlorphenesin



On the skin, birch water is thought to be humectant, toning and soothing thanks to betulin, an anti-inflammatory component. It also gives a woody and fresh scent to a product.

Birch trees are old inhabitants of the nordic countries. It is a pioneering species, growing in almost any type of soil. It can be identified by its recognisable black and silky white bark contrasting with its green foliage.

Birch water is the sap of the birch tree. It starts flowing from the tree's roots to the branches in the late winter and early spring and is collected by drilling small holes into the tree trunks when the weather starts getting a little bit warmer after frost, usually during March. The clear, watery sap will naturally flow from the holes. Consumable for only one week, it is very perishable even when refrigerated. Therefore it needs a little help from synthetic preservatives (in this case, phenoxyethanol and chlorphenesin) to be able to arrive safely at Lush factories.

Drinking birch water is traditional in nordic countries around the globe. The first extraction of the year is a celebration of renewal, a message from mother nature saying spring is coming.

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