Fair Trade Olive Oil


Fair Trade Olive Oil

Olea europaea



The olive branch has been a symbol of peace for centuries, at least since ancient Greece. This fair trade olive oil is the humble messenger of this tradition (and has many benefits in cosmetics!)

From a place of peace

Lush purchases Fair Trade olive oil from a non-profit organisation in the northern region of Israel called Sindyanna of Galilee. The team consists of Arab and Jewish women who share a vision of peaceful coexistence and work towards this goal side by side with skill, care and a passion for the craft. Their name, Sindyanna of Galilee (سنديانة الجليل), corresponds to the most common tree in Galilee, the Palestine oak (Quercus calliprinos syn. Quercus coccifera). It is renowned in the local culture for its rootedness to the land, longevity, evergreen foliage, and endurance.

The little green fruits are harvested from olive groves jointly cultivated by Jews and Arabs in Nazareth and Upper Galilee, Israel. They're either picked by hand or combed from the trees with a small rake, with nets on the ground to catch them. They are then sent to press houses to obtain the golden and fragrant oil.

Combining commercial activity and community work, Sindyana empowers women whilst developing a business. Profits from sales go to the Welcome Centre, where women from both Arab and Jewish communities work together and learn about hydroponic agriculture, but also crafts or cooking. They host thousands of visitors and tourists every year, to whom they stress environmental concerns, the benefits of organic and Fair Trade methods and commercial relations between the Arab and Jewish communities.

What are the benefits of olive oil for the skin and hair?

  • Readily absorbed, it offers lightweight moisture.
  • It protects and conditions the skin and hair, improving their strength.
  • It gives the skin a healthy glow.
  • It makes the hair shine.

The oil’s lightweight feel is due to its squalene content, a compound that can also be found in human sebum. ‘Accepted’ well by the skin, it allows the oil to help restore a healthy level of moisture.

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