Extremely aesthetic but also full of benefits, honeycomb is a real treasure of nature. Made out of beeswax, it melts at warm temperatures and forms a protective barrier on the hair and skin. It is also antimicrobial and soothing and has a delightful honey-like aroma.

After flying from flower to flower to collect pollen and nectar, the busy honey bee returns to the hive and, with the help of the worker bees, stores its finds in the honeycombs. These incredible storage facilities are built with thousands of hexagonal cells made entirely from a wax that is produced by the bees themselves. Once a cell has been filled with nectar, the bees flap their wings extremely quickly in front of it to evaporate the water content, which will help transform the nectar into honey. The cell is then sealed with wax for future food needs.

When beekeepers come to harvest honey, they carefully take the combs out of the hive and remove the sealing beeswax to release the golden liquid. The emptied honeycomb is usually put back into place but can be also kept when it’s old. It can then be eaten raw or melted for cosmetic use, as it’s made from beeswax and therefore has the same properties.

Lush source honeycomb from a local supplier to the Poole manufacturing sites (UK). They work with beekeepers who understand the importance of treating the hive in the least invasive way possible and use regenerative practices to have a positive impact on the local flora and fauna. Working closely with this supplier helps us to ensure that the practices and standards we require are respected.

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