Lush products’ fragrances are truly special. They are built around natural oils, using synthetic materials to support and enhance their scent. 

Where do we get it?

The perfume of a product is made of different materials, each of them being carefully sourced around the world by our team of creative buyers. 

What are the benefits of perfuming?

  • It fills your life with a fantastic scent.
  • Leaves nobody indifferent.
  • Can influence your mood.


As per global cosmetics regulations, we list our ingredients in descending order of quantity. Some of the materials that make up Lush fragrances are listed as 'Perfume' in the ingredient list to protect our formulas and make sure our scents remain unique to Lush. However, to help our customers make informed decisions, we have colour-coded our ingredients. If you see the word ‘Perfume’ written in green, it means that it’s made entirely from natural extracts. If written in black, it means that we’ve used at least one synthetic or inorganic material in the mix. 

Rest assured that, as Lush is a vegetarian company, all the natural and synthetic materials will come from a vegetarian or vegan source. We also indicate when any of the 26 fragrance allergens occur in the product above a certain limit, as required by authorities.

Why would Lush use synthetic aromatic compounds?

These ingredients replicate natural scents. This can be very useful when:

  • obtaining a natural extract would threaten a species (plant or animal).
  • a scent is impossible or difficult to extract from a plant, as with pineapple or violet flowers.
  • a material is cruelly obtained from animals, like musk which is extracted from the musk deer or ambergris from the sperm whale.

Synthetic materials can also support natural fragrances. For example, rose and geranium oils naturally contain an aromatic compound called geraniol and adding synthetic geraniol to these oils can really help enhance and tie the fragrance together.

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