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Rhassoul Mud


Rhassoul Mud



Rhassoul mud has absorbent, adsorbent and slightly foaming properties. Cleansing the skin very gently by absorbing excess sebum and impurities, it also mattifies.

Rhassoul clay (also known as ghassoul) is naturally present in the soil of the Moulouya valley, on the edge of the Middle Atlas, Morocco. It takes its name from the verb 'rassala', which means 'to wash' in Arabic.

Rhassoul has been used by Moroccan women for more than twelve centuries to care for their skin and hair. It is traditionally mixed with water to produce a mud which is then applied to the face, body and hair - a classic in hammams.

Lush purchase rhassoul clay in Morocco. It is extracted from the ground and then sorted, washed, dried and crushed to obtain a fine, purified powder.

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