Sarcocornia Powder

Sarcocornia perennis



Sarcocornia, also known as samphire, is an umbrella name for more than thirty species of edible salt-tolerant plants growing on littorals, the areas close to the shore. Its high sodium content makes sarcocornia a good cleansing addition to any product.

Lush buy samphire from a Portuguese sea salt supplier, based near the Tagus estuary (Tejo in Portuguese), not far from Lisbon. The salt pans and marshes of the estuary provide excellent feeding, shelter and breeding conditions for hundreds of species of birds in their migration path. A great wealth of plant life can be found there, with over 400 types of plants, including the green, fleshy and salty samphire.

Due to the global sea-level rise and the development of cities, salt marshes are amongst the most threatened habitats. Buying salt, samphire or dried flowers from these passionate growers support them in preserving this indispensable ecosystem.

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