Thyme Oil


Thyme Oil

Thymus zygis



The herbaceous, medicinal scent of thyme oil refreshes and clears the mind. A common kitchen herb, thyme actually has a great history of use as an antiseptic, disinfectant and air purifier.

Lush purchase this oil from a family run business in Spain who distil a special type of thyme called red thyme (Thymus zygis). The plant resembles common thyme but has a higher thymol concentration, an aromatic compound that gives the oil its unique green scent. Mainly cultivated for perfumery purposes, this species takes its name from the now-outdated practice of distilling thyme in copper stills, giving the oil a red colour.

Thymol (and also carvacrol, another aromatic constituent of thyme) is renowned to have potent antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant properties. While respecting the skin’s natural microflora (good bacteria) it banishes unwanted bacteria, yeasts and moulds. This is why thyme derivatives are widely used in cleansing products such as soaps, deodorants, foot creams, toothpaste or anti-acne treatments, among others.

Thyme oil and absolute also have a stimulating effect on blood circulation. They are therefore toning on the skin and scalp and are said to promote healthy hair growth. Dispersed in the bath, they relax sore muscles.

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