Sun perfume is displayed alongside a slice of fresh lemon and yellow mimosa flowers on a yellow and white background.



Brazilian orange, sandalwood and mimosa

A glass perfume bottle filled with canary yellow liquid. A white label reads 'Sun'.
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"I'm not someone who normally wears perfume but this one is addictive! It is so joyous and warm and soothing, I find myself lifting my top to inhale the scent all day long." - TinaRoseKris

"This is fresh and uplifting and is a happy daily fragrance, nice for everyday use more so in the summer." - mark.biddle10

"This smells like a freshly sliced Jaffa orange and dries down keeping that smell but with a more musky and woody feel." - cassiemand_68

How to use:

If you’re looking for a lift, spritz yourself with this happy scent to put a smile on your face. A fresh burst of juicy Brazilian orange and fragrant mimosa, this perfume is the epitome of summer. Warming sandalwood adds a slight depth to this otherwise light fragrance and helps to improve the longevity of this citrus scent on your skin.




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