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Bring It Back: Recycling Rewards - Terms & Conditions

This simple recycling scheme entitles Lush customers in the UK and Ireland to exchange any individual Qualifying Lush Packaging item for 5AED towards their in-store purchase at the same time.

This scheme is subject to the terms below.

1. Firstly, check that your packaging is eligible for the scheme. This scheme applies to the following full sized Qualifying Lush Packaging items:

  • PET clear plastic bottles (with lids)
  • PP pots clear & black (with lids)
  • PP Makeup packaging
  • HDPE bottles (with trigger/spray tops)
  • Lush Create Kit packaging (please only return the plastic moulds/tubs from these kits. All kit items must be returned together in order to qualify for the 5AED return reward)

(referred to as “Qualifying Packaging”)

2. The following items are excluded from the scheme and are not Qualifying Packaging:

  • Any non-Lush packaging of any material
  • Non-plastic Lush packaging (i.e. glass jars or tins – please reuse these items where possible or recycle locally)
  • Bottle tops (we no longer collect non-Lush bottle tops of any kind through our shops or postage system)

3. The scheme will apply only to Qualifying Packaging originally purchased from a Lush store or the official Lush website, and Lush store staff shall have sole discretion in determining whether any packaging qualifies under this scheme.

4. Qualifying Packaging should be empty and thoroughly cleaned before returning to a Lush shop.

5. Once you have one or more Qualifying Packaging empties and they are sparkling clean, you are ready to shop! Take them along to any Lush store in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland and present them at the point of paying for any items you wish to purchase.

6. Qualifying Packaging returns may only be made in store and we do not accept returns of any Qualifying Packaging online.

7. For each item of Qualifying Packaging, you’ll receive a 5AED return towards your purchase of any qualifying full price product.

8. The following products are excluded from this scheme and may not be purchased with packaging returns money:

  • Any campaign products raising funds for charities or non-profit organisations
  • Lifestyle items such as clothing, tote bags and cosmetics pouches
  • Knot Wraps
  • Certain gift boxes
  • Sale items
  • Lush paper carrier bags
  • Make-up brushes

9. This offer has no cash value and you will only be able to receive the 5AED return towards purchases made at the same time the Qualifying Packaging is returned. No credit will be offered against future purchases.

10. If the value of the returned Qualifying Packaging under this scheme exceeds the value of the purchase, no cash equivalent or future credit will be given.

11. Members of staff using the scheme in conjunction with a staff discount will receive 2.5AED per item of Qualifying Packaging towards their eligible purchase. All other terms remain the same.

12. You have the choice of whether to receive the 5AED return under the Bring It Back scheme or accept a face mask or scalp mask (available in participating stores) under the 'Five for a Fresh Mask' scheme. It is not possible to receive both rewards for the same packaging return.

13. This scheme will continue subject to review and further communication.

14. Lush reserves the right to withdraw or amend this scheme at any time on a month’s notice, such notice to be given on this page.

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