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The scent of patchouli is grounding and bewitching, and will transport you to dense Indonesian forests.

What is patchouli?

Patchouli is a fragrant bushy herb that belongs to the same family as mint. It can grow as high as three feet tall, with purple and white flowers growing from its long stems.

Why do we love patchouli so much?

  • It has an earthy, warm aroma that takes you on a meditative journey. 
  • It is antibacterial and soothing to the skin and armpits. 
  • Its aroma is said to balance and ground the mind, and harmonise emotions.

Where does Lush source patchouli?

Patchouli is used in our products in several forms (essential oils, infusion…), and each of them can be purchased in different places around the world. To find out more, browse your Lush product’s list of ingredients and click on the ones you are interested in. This should take you to a page full of details!

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