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Shaving Cream

Calming oat milk and lavender

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"I use Dirty to shave my legs and underarms and it’s amazing. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soothed with no sign of razor burn." - Ratdog 

"I used Dirty to shave my legs and honestly, it was a revelation. When using shaving foam I sometimes get razor rash and my legs feel dry for a couple of days after. I applied a layer of Dirty and it was so easy to shave with. It smells delicious and my legs still feel soft and moisturised a week later. One of the best products I've ever used and one I'd recommend to anybody!" - louise.parnell199

"I gave this to my dad for his birthday present. He definitely immerse into softness of shaving. He had sensitive skin with trouble after shave, however lush’s shave products makes his shave time better. This makes coat skin from blades and protect skin. And fresh smell like bonus." - auspiciousbree

How to use:
Whip that shadow into shape with lashings of shea butter and oat milk for irresistibly smooth skin. Sweep a generous layer over wet skin or beards and shave as desired, remembering to rinse the blade frequently under warm water.

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