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Rose Jam

Rose Jam


  • Vegan
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"The perfume is beautiful and lasts on me all day, I can smell the roses and lemon on my skin the most and I adore it! I definitely recommend to someone who likes floral perfume but also with a sweet girly side." - nataliebreward14

"I have been a long time customer of Lush and always loved Rose Jam shower gel. When I heard there was a perfume I had to go and try it and it did not disappoint. It is beautiful and exactly the same as the shower gel. The best thing is it lasts for hours." - donna_mcmanu

"A new must buy! It smells exactly like what you want - rose jam. For when you can't get enough. Long lasting smell and is so refreshing, thanks so much!! please keep this around forever" - senah.tuma

How to use:
Spritz yourself and take a stroll through fields of powdery pink petals with this sophisticated scent. A generous blend of geranium combined with rose oil from Senir in Turkey.

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