Keep the cages empty

Defend your right to cruelty-free cosmetics and help us keep the cages empty - Your friend, Ralph

Thank you for scanning the QR code at Lush to help to save animals like Ralph!

As part of this campaign we are asking you to take two actions:

1. Click here to sign the European Citizens' Initiative - only possible for EU passport holders, have your passport number or national ID number at hand. 

2. Send a Twitter message to the European Commissioner’s asking them to uphold the ban on testing on animals for cosmetics. Open your twitter account and copy and paste this tweet in English:

Commissioners @ThierryBreton @VSinkevicius: Please uphold the EU’s #crueltyfree promise by halting demands by @EU_ECHA for new #animaltesting of cosmetic chemicals. 

About this campaign

Did you know 11 March 2022 marked the 9-year anniversary of the EU becoming the world’s largest cruelty-free beauty market? Cosmetic animal testing was finally banned, or so we thought. Yet instead of celebrating, we find ourselves having to counter demands by European chemical authorities for new animal tests on ingredients used in cosmetics. Our promise of a Europe where animals no longer suffer and die for the sake of cosmetics has been broken.

Last August, the European Citizens’ Initiative “Save Cruelty-Free Cosmetics – Commit to a Europe Without Animal Testing” was launched by a coalition of animal protection groups, including Humane Society International/Europe, to urge the European Commission to:

  • protect and strengthen the cosmetics animal testing ban
  • stop new animal testing requirements, and 
  • modernize science.  

We have until 31 August 2022 to collect 1 million validated signatures from EU citizens to compel a meaningful response from the European Commission. 

We need YOUR help Sign now!

You will need to grab your passport or national identity number, click on the link and do a little security check. Do not leave it for later, your signature makes a difference!

Thank you for everything that you do for animals.

P.S. Want to do more? Ask your friends and family members to sign and share the link on social media.  

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