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Queen Bee

قناع للوجه

Facial skincare that's the bee's knees

Queen Bee. A circular face mask striped yellow and black with antennas. There are holes for eyes, nose and mouth.
تحديد الحجم
‏5.500 د.ب.‏

Treat her (or yourself) like a Queen with this hydrating and soothing sheet mask. Carrageenan extract and vitamin C-rich Brazilian orange oil work together to hydrate, leaving your skin radiant and bee-utiful!

How to use:
Cleanse your face, removing any dirt or make up. While your face is still damp, pop on this mask for up to 10 minutes.

How to store:
Once opened, this mask can be reused for up to 7 days. Just wrap it back up and pop in the fridge in between uses.


طلباتكم أوامر

سيتم حماية طلباتكم وإحاطتها بمواد الـ "إيكو بوبس" القابلة للتحلُل والتي تذوب بسهولة في التربة والماء.

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For the best cool and calm effects, store these eye pads in the fridge between uses. This product will stay fresh for 3 weeks.

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