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Bring It Back: Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions

Lush’s closed-loop recycling program allows North American customers to exchange any qualifying Lush packaging for money toward their next purchase or a free fresh face mask. Read on to learn what type of packaging qualifies, and how to take part. 

Bring It Back is Lush’s recycling program—allowing customers the option to exchange five pieces of eligible packaging for a free fresh face mask, or $1 off their next purchase, per item returned.

The more packaging that comes back to us, the more we can reuse through our recycling system—giving our packaging another life as a future Lush product and ensuring our pots and tubes don’t end up in landfills or waterways.

Which forms of packaging are eligible for Bring It Back?

  • Clean #5 polypropylene (PP) clear and black plastic pots (with lids) 4.5 g/1.5 oz and over. 
  • #5 polypropylene (PP) plastic makeup packaging, including mascara tubes, face powder, temple balms (in the black plastic packaging, not tins) and lip tubes (not tins).
  • The program only applies to the above qualifying packaging purchased from a Lush store or the official Lush website. Lush store staff have sole discretion in determining whether packaging qualifies under this program.

Which forms of packaging are not eligible for Bring It Back?

  • Any non-plastic Lush packaging, including glass jars and aluminum tins.
  • Any high-density polyethylene bottles (HDPE) with spray caps and nozzles such as toner bottles and body sprays. 
  • All Lush polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles. 

Note: we always encourage our customers to recycle these forms of plastic, glass and metal at their local facilities instead, but you should be aware that the metal triggers in spray bottles can be harmful for some recycling machines. So separate the nozzles and caps from bottles and speak to your local recycling facility about whether or not they can accept them.

Do I need to clean the packaging before returning it?

Yes. All qualifying packaging should be thoroughly cleaned before you bring it back to a Lush shop. Scrubbing or rinsing pots and tubes with water should be sufficient. We want to ensure that no product is left in the container but there’s no need to remove labels—they’re made with the same plastic and can be recycled along with the pots or tubes.

What can I get in exchange for my returned packaging?

For each clean, qualifying piece of packaging returned, you will receive $1 toward your next order. And yes, you can return multiple pieces of qualifying packaging at once. You can also choose to return five pieces of packaging and select a free fresh face mask instead of accepting $5 toward your next purchase. Note: this only applies to the products specifically called fresh face masks kept in a refrigerated cooler and does not apply to unrefrigerated face masks such as Cup O’ Coffee or Mask Of Magnaminty. 

Can I use my Bring It Back money right away?

Yes! Bring It Back is not a credit system. So you will need to use your Bring It Back money (or select your free fresh face mask in exchange for five clean pieces of qualifying packaging) on the same day that you return the packaging. 

Can I participate in Bring It Back through the website?

No. At this time, the program is only eligible in-store.

Can I use my Bring It Back money toward any Lush product?

The following products are excluded from Bring It Back cash redemptions:

  • Charity Pot Hand And Body Lotion
  • Charity Pot Coin Naked Body Lotion
  • Any limited-edition products raising funds for non-profit organizations
  • Any limited-edition products tied to collaborations with other brands, businesses, media enterprises and more
  • Tote bags, Knot Wraps, cosmetic pouches, makeup brushes, clothing, gifting tins, product tins, soap dishes, stickers, patches and other SWAG items
  • Sale items
  • Lush paper carrier bags

Further terms and conditions

This offer has no cash value and you will only be eligible to receive the $1 toward purchases made at the same time the qualifying packaging is returned. No credit toward future purchases will be offered.

If the value of the returned qualifying packaging exceeds the value of the purchase, no future credit will be given.

Members of staff who use this program in conjunction with their staff discount will receive 50 cents per item of qualifying packaging toward their next purchase. All other terms remain the same.

You can either accept $1 per piece of qualifying packaging or exchange five pieces of qualifying packaging for a free fresh face mask, but you cannot receive both rewards for the same returned packaging.

Lush reserves the right to withdraw or amend this program at any time on a month’s notice. Any notice will be provided via this page.

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