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Community Donation Guidelines and Application

Through our Charitable Giving program, we believe in going beyond monetary donations. We do this by donating our fresh handmade products and raising awareness of the work our community partners do.

Our product Community Donations program partners with grassroots organizations across North America working in the areas of human rights, animal protection and environmental justice. Groups can be registered or unregistered organizations, or non-profits, with a preference for Indigenous-led and community-led. Before applying, please review the information and guidelines below.

We Support

Human rights: We support groups standing for the rights, visibility and equality of all people worldwide, and for the defense of those most vulnerable.

Animal protection: We support those who recognize animals as sentient beings, deserving of care and protection, and who should not be subjected to cruelty or exploitation for human gain.

Environmental justice: We partner with those who are defending the rights of nature and standing up for a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations.

Mutual Aid for Communities: We respectfully work with historically marginalized and underserved communities, prioritizing requests for individuals who may not otherwise have access to wellness items.

Front-line workers: We support front-line education and healthcare workers with direct-use items, but we do not donate to medically related causes, educational institutions or PTOs/PTAs.

Fundraising items for small, grassroots organizations: Our fundraising items are reserved for small, grassroots organizations with annual revenue of under $500,000. Please do not apply for fundraising items (raffle or silent auctions for eg.) if your annual budget is over $500,000.

Community Donation Guidelines

We're looking for organizations that challenge mainstream opinion through public engagement and holding governments accountable.

We support non-violent, direct-action groups because we feel it plays an important part in bringing about social change. Non-violent direct action includes protests, demonstrations and other non-violent interventions.

We believe we can make the most impact by supporting causes that are often overlooked by others. We give priority to less popular issues where it’s often more difficult to raise funds or gain support.

We're looking for initiatives that are far-reaching rather than ones that benefit just a few individuals. We also look for projects that promote and implement viable, fair and sustainable solutions.

We’re passionate about our beliefs and we want to be sure that the organizations we support match our ethics. As a result, our Community Donations program does not provide products to those that:

- Promote or support violence, aggression, prejudice or oppression or any infringement on human rights.

- Are involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals, including testing on animals for research or using animals for human gain, including the use of animals in entertainment and medically-related causes. Events that are hosted in zoos, aquariums or feature petting zoos or fairing funds for medical research are excluded for these reasons.

- Force, coerce or exclude others based on religious or spiritual beliefs. Faith-based organizations are also excluded for these reasons.

- Are connected to political parties, political rallies or otherwise partisan in their work.

- Are not making the effort to be environmentally responsible. Examples like golf tournaments and cruises are excluded for these reasons.

- Are schools, individual expeditions, sponsored walks/runs/events or fundraising initiatives.

- Are indirect or third-party fundraisers for other organizations—please encourage the organization you are fundraising for to apply for a donation directly.

- Are requesting fundraising items for organizations with annual revenue of over $500K.

If You Fit Our Guidelines, You Can Apply for Community Donation For:

- Direct use by individuals who can’t easily access wellness products

- Volunteer and staff appreciation

- Event attendees and speakers/presenters

- Fundraising activities for small, grassroots organizations with annual revenue of under $500,000

- Public outreach


Groups must apply two to four months prior to the date the products are needed by. This is to ensure that our product is the freshest product possible and on a realistic timeline that includes us using environmentally sound shipping methods and time allowance for any issues with customs (products come from our manufacturing facilities in Canada). Groups may submit for events/activities that are farther out than four months, but we will be in touch around the four-month mark.

Thanks for reading through this information and guidelines! Ready to apply?

Promotion and Credit

We’ll never ask that Community Donations partners provide marketing or promotion of Lush Cosmetics. Our program is about supporting the incredible work groups are doing. However, if at any time an organization feels it would be beneficial to use our logo, we will happily supply.

We’re excited about redefining the way corporations work with organizations and finding innovative ways to go beyond monetary donations. If you have other ideas, we’d love to hear them!

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