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The Lush Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Celebrate all kinds of love with diverse Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Whether you want to treat them to an experience or surprise them with a fresh product, we’ve got you. Psst … getting a little something for yourself is totally encouraged, too!

Gifts don’t have a gender, but we know lists can help when you’re staring down an endless sea of sensational options. Check out some treats that could be great for her, him, them and beyond. But don’t stress—if it’s from the heart, they’ll love whatever you choose!

Build Your Own Valentine’s Day Box

Looking for ideas on how to build a beautiful box filled with their Valentine’s favourites? Look no further. You can bundle together bath bombs, bubble bars, massage bars and so much more in any one of our beautiful low-waste wrapping options. Grab a gorgeous tin like One Wild And Precious Life or Poole and pile it high with up to four or five romantic, packaging-free products like Rose Argan Massage Bar and Love Potion Bath Bomb. We also recommend tucking in a great face mask like Cup O’ Coffee, some of their favourite snacks and maybe even a sweet-scented candle like Karma to really make it feel like a full Valentine’s spa day in a box. 

Gifts for her

Looking to give her a gift that’ll help her relax, uplift her spirits or inspire a little self-care? I’m Yours Gift is a fun, interactive present packed with a pair of sweet-scented bath bombs. Or, for something extra special, grab her a Goodnight Sweetheart Pillow Spray for a touch of delicate jasmine and floral rose romance. You can also plan an evening of rest and relaxation for her, inspired by her favorite bath bomb. Does she love the soft, alpine scent of Wild Remedy Bath Bomb? Make her a lavish meal made from local, fresh produce and fill the bathroom with wildflowers and nature sounds for a night themed around the great outdoors. You know ‘em best, get creative and have fun!

Gifts for him

Got a great guy on your list? We’ve got you covered with gifts for the boyfriend, husband, the crush and anything in between. Love Burger Bath Gift will serve up some interactive bathtime fun with a lemon burger bubble bar, salad soaps and a cherry-scented bun. Or give his skin some tender love and care with relaxing Prince Charming Sheet Mask or creamy Kalamazoo Beard And Facial Wash. You can make a whole movie night of it and throw on his favorite film while you both hydrate your skin and refresh with an at-home spa night. 

There’s something special about a gift that inspires self-care! Make them feel extra cared for with Lots Of Love Gift, full of a lavish selection of seven luxurious body care, bath and shower products. Or inspire them to be unapologetically themselves with the warm, spicy scent of New Romantics Perfume.You could even write out a list of cute love notes, add them to a jar and have them draw one sweet nothing each day for a gift that’ll keep on giving! Goes great with Sweet Talk Lip Scrub or Love Letter Bath Bomb.

Gifts for friends

Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate the love between besties! Treat them to four fruity and floral bathtime treats with BFF Gift or plan a night of nourishment with exfoliating Mask Of Magnaminty Power Mask paired with refreshing minty mojitos. Whatever you choose, the best Valentine's Day gifts for friends are the memories you share together. 

Gifts for family

Find the perfect present whether you’re turning a Knot Wrap into a bandana for your family dog or looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, like the rainbow waters of Toby’s Magic Cow Bath Bomb or the citrusy bliss of Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar. There’s no limits on who to send love to this Valentine’s Day.

Gifts for the “situationship”

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s the beginning of something new or the excitement of having a crush, the in-between phase of an undefined relationship can be confusing. Something you can do together, like a movie date or home-baked treats, are a great gift idea for this stage! Or you can drop a less subtle hint with something like our Crush Lip Butter. Valentine’s Day kisses, anyone?

Gifts for the Lush fan

Want to get something that’ll wow the Lush fan in your life? Get them a Lush Kitchen Subscription Box. Each month, they’ll get four to five full-sized, exclusive Lush treats delivered to their doorstep! They’ll be the envy of all their Lush-loving pals.

Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Did time get away from you this year? Don’t stress, it happens. Grab an e-gift card and let them shop freely for their faves! Everybody loves a little self-care shopping spree. 

Classic Valentine’s Day gifts

We know, a box of chocolates and a dozen long-stem roses are a little cliché (but in the best way)! If you want to jazz up these classics, try pairing them with Lush products. They will swoon over skin-softening Posh White Chocolate And Rose Body Wash with their bouquet of flowers. Or pair their box of chocolates with a medley of relaxing massage bars care-of Symphony No.6. It’s those little extras to make your gift go the extra mile!

Lush Spa gifts

Give the gift of self-care with a Lush Spa treatment at our New York or Vancouver spa locations. You can book in together for separate treatments and make a day of it, or get them a Lush Spa Gift Card and let them choose their own self-care adventure. This one makes a great gift from you, to you, as well. Looking for more things to do that’ll celebrate the loves in your life? Check out some of our ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day and do things your way!

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