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Fresh Papaya Juice


Fresh Papaya Juice

Carica papaya



We use papaya as it's full of enzymes to strip away dry skin, leaving it cleansed and brightened. It's also great at cleansing hair of excess oil and dirt, adding nourishment and incredible shine. The fruit's highly nutritious, containing vitamins A, B and C, along with minerals and antioxidants, to tone and refine the texture of the skin.

Papaya is an evergreen with a branchless trunk that grows in lowland tropical forests. The fruits of the tree are long, pear-shaped and have leathery skin. The pulp is a vibrant orange color and has many round black seeds in its cavity. When preparing the fruit for our products, we remove the skin, stem and the seeds, chop it up and then juice it. The fresh juice is then blended into our products to cleanse your scalp, hair and skin.

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