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The silhouette of a person's face can be seen hovering above a bubbling, steaming bowl of water.

Tea Tree

Toner Tab

For a cleansing steam

Tea Tree. A light green, powdery, circular solid toner tab, embossed with a T.
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Treat yourself to a deep cleanse with this purifying tea tree toner tab. Drop it into a bowl with one cup of hot water and lean over, allowing the steam to decongest your skin. Tea tree oil tones and clarifies while aloe soothes redness and irritation. Once you're finished steaming, pour the remaining water into a clean bottle and store in the fridge to use as a toner for up to one week.

Made in Canada.


- Tea tree oil cleanses and clarifies

 - Aloe calms redness

- Steaming deeply cleanses skin

- Proudly packaging-free

How to use:

Drop into hot, steamy water then lean over it to allow the steam to open your pores.

How to store:

Keep somewhere cool and dry between uses.

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