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Citrus Hystrix Leaf (Makrutlimettenblatt)



The leaves of the makrut lime are said to add as much flavour to Thai dishes as the fruit’s peel, just like in the warm water of a bath where they create a fragrant and invigorating infusion.

Citrus hystrix is ​​a small, evergreen tree that thrives under tropical climates. The fruits are very similar to the classic green lime except that their skin is all wrinkled and curvy. 

The fruits and leaves of the tree are edible and fragrant, containing almost the same aromatic components but not in the same amounts. Indeed, while the fruit contains less than 20% citronellal, the leaves contain more than 80%, which gives them a strong lemongrass smell.

Lush buy the leaves from Thailand, but it’s subject to change depending on availability.

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