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Cicer arietinum



Aquafaba is a very elegant name given to chickpea water, a dense liquid that shares a lot of properties with egg white and therefore can be used as an alternative in cooking and cosmetics. Great to thicken and provide a good emulsion in a product, aquafaba will also protect and strengthen fine hair.

Before dreaming of making a tasty hummus or some delicious falafel, the hard little chickpeas (the base of the recipes) need to be soaked in water to become more tender and digestible and in the case of hummus, they even need to be boiled before being mashed. The cream-coloured legume is full of proteins and manganese, and some of these nutrients are released into the water when cooked, creating the valuable 'aquafaba'.

Lush buy aquafaba powder from the United States, where the producer uses boiled chickpeas for food production, meaning nothing is wasted!

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