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Aloe barbadensis



Aloe is thought to be one of the oldest folk remedies noted for its healing qualities. 

Where do we get it?

Lush purchases fair trade aloe vera powder from an organic producer in the southern region of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

How it’s made?

The powder is obtained by extracting, sterilising and drying aloe juice and gel. This technique improves preservation and makes transport lighter and easier than with fresh leaves. Before being incorporated into Lush products, the powder is mixed with water to regain its original gel consistency.

What are the benefits for your skin?

  • Soothing
  • Hydrating
  • Antibacterial
  • Softening

If it wasn’t enough, the cooling sensation you get when applied to the skin is excellent for reducing swelling and calming sunburns.

Unique stories

The name Aloe vera (which means ‘true aloe’) is a synonym for Aloe barbadensis. It is a succulent plant that grows well in dry soils and tropical and arid climates. It is cultivated for medicinal and ornamental purposes; sometimes culinary depending on the variety. Clear gel and latex can be extracted from the plant.

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