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Litsea Cubeba


Litsea Cubeba



Citrusy sweetness that uplifts the mind, balances skin and brings inner balance? Sign us up! 

What is litsea cubeba?

The Litsea cubeba, or May Chang tree, is a small evergreen tree native to China. Its berry-like fruits are full of sweet and lemony essential oils.

What are the benefits of litsea cubeba?

  • The sweet, lemon-like and refreshing aroma of the litsea cubeba oil uplifts the mind and promotes relaxation and inner balance.
  • The oil is often used in skincare for its antiseptic, toning, and astringent properties that help balance the skin’s sebum production.

Did you know?

Citral makes up approximately 80% of the oil, it is a fragrant compound with a fresh lemon peel scent, close to lemongrass.

Where does Lush source litsea cubeba?

Lush purchases litsea cubeba oil from a producer in China.

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