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Jázminvirág-, rózsaszirom- és ginzenggyökér-forrázat


Jázminvirág-, rózsaszirom- és ginzenggyökér-forrázat

Jasminum officinale; Rosa centifolia and Panax ginseng

Jótékony hatások


A flower, another flower and a root. Sensuality with a zing, passion with a twist; arousal, head over heels and flowery dreams.

Jasmine, rose and ginseng frolic together in boiled water to obtain a luscious, stimulating infusion.

The star-shaped flowers of the jasmine plant are white or pale yellow and extremely fragrant. They open at night to release their rich and deep, floral scent, which is said to relax the mind and body and act as an aphrodisiac.

Rosa centifolia is a flowering plant belonging to the Rosaceae family and is commonly known as the 'cabbage rose' due to its rounded shape and the high volume of petals. Roses are known for their soothing and toning effect on the skin, as well as for their beautiful fragrance.

Used as a tonic for the body and mind for centuries in Chinese medicine, the ginseng root not only brightens the skin by stimulating circulation, it is also supposed to help keep it firm thanks to its many antioxidant components.

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