7 steps for a sensational shave

Self-titled Nomad Barber Miguel Gutierrez has travelled the world in his pursuit of barbering wisdom, visiting and observing different places and people in a bid to hone his hairdressing skills. Here are some of his top tips for achieving your best shave yet...

1. Scrub-a-dub-dub

Begin by softly cleansing your face with a facial cleanser like Fresh Farmacy: a mild calamine and chamomile soap perfect for cooling and calming the skin. For a really effective close shave, take a minute to gently exfoliate too. A face and body scrub like Ocean Salt should do the trick; it’s packed full of sea salt to raise the stubble, while rich avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute keep your skin silky smooth. 

2. Some like it hot

This next step really helps to open the pores and soften the stubble. Soak a flannel in soothing Dream Steam toner tab, made from a blend of essential oils including calming chamomile blue oil and rose absolute. Place the wet flannel over your face to help soften each hair and prep the skin for a shave. Inhale deeply, taking in the fragrant blend of herbs, and relax. 

3. Slather and glide

Next, try applying your favourite shaving cream in upward circular motions, going against the grain of your stubble, to boost the circulation and lift the hairs further. To protect your skin from the blade, choose a rich, non-foaming shaving cream like Dirty, packed with with calming oat milk and lavender to form a protective layer on the face. Or try Shaved Ice and let the stimulating menthol cool the skin during and after shaving to leave your complexion in mint condition. Start on the most difficult side, using a sharp blade and following the contours of your face. Give your razor a quick rinse after each stroke to avoid build up and keep the blade slick and sharp. 

4. Others like it cold

When you’re totally clean shaven, apply a cool, wet flannel to the face to calm the skin and close your pores once more. A spritz of toner water wouldn’t go amiss either - if your skin normally feels a little touchy post-shave, opt for calming Eau Roma Water and let gentle lavender and rose water ease any tantrums. 

5. A real smoothie

After shaving, a dab of moisturiser will protect your skin and ensure it feels supple and soft. Cosmetic Lad is rich in cooling aloe vera and lavender honey water to ease discomfort and gently hydrate. If you fancy something richer, the fresh avocado and neroli oil in Skin Drink is sure to plump up the skin and quench any thirsty patches. .

6. Spritz away

You’re never fully dressed without a dash of fine fragrance. Compliment Dirty shaving cream with its perfume counterpart, Dirty for a sublimely smooth scent of mint, neroli and sandalwood. Alternatively, find your favourite and apply to the pulse points rather than post-shave skin. 

7. The final touch

Finally, plump for your favourite styling product to get your hair looking fine and dandy.

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