A bearded person applies Shaved Ice, a smooth, grey coloured shaving cream, to the lower half of their face with their hand.

Shaved Ice

Shaving Cream

Smooth operator

A swatch of smooth, nicely thick, soft grey coloured Shaved Ice shaving cream, flecked with activated charcoal.
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“… this shaving cream is absolutely amazing... on my let’s the razor just glides and I get a beautiful shave with no nicks or red bumps.” -Stef80

“…makes your skin a super cold feeling smells amazing hope it comes in store for good 10/10” -drwho13

“Shaved my armpits & legs while I laid in the bath, my skin feels amazing. Managed to get a very close shave… Skin is smooth & hair free, no nicks or cuts, no razor burn / shaving rash.” -Soapy19

How to use:
Ditch the brush and soap for something altogether more satisfying. Soothing oat milk, rose water and olive oil helps your razor glide over the skin, reducing redness, and maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Pair this gel-like cream with a sharp blade and get plenty of hot water on your razor. Use long sweeping strokes that leave clear skin behind and finish with a hot flannel. Also lovely on the legs.

How to store:
Store somewhere dry and cool. For extra minty freshness, keep in the fridge.



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