“WE SELL CBD” printed on the gigantic photo of a cannabis leaf is a curious hieroglyph that has been popping up in every shop window for the past few years (depending on where you live, of course). But, what is CBD? Also known as cannabidiol, it is a non-intoxicating, non-addictive component of the hemp plant.

What are the benefits of CBD in cosmetics?

CBD oil has a faint herbal scent and studies have suggested that it can positively affect the mood when inhaled. Used topically, it seems to have anti-inflammatory properties.

What is cannabidiol extracted from?

Cannabis is a genus of beautiful and useful plants from the same family as hops. The real star of this genus is hemp, also known as Cannabis sativa, a flowering plant with thin, serrated leaves. Thought to be native to Central Asia, it’s been cultivated worldwide, either for its branched variety that makes seed oil and good fibres or, for its more aromatic varieties, which can be turned into recreational drugs. Cannabidiol can be extracted from both.

What’s all that fuss about CBD?

Studied from top to bottom, the many varieties of hemp have revealed their unique compounds throughout the 20th century. We now know that hemp contains around two hundred chemical substances called ‘cannabinoids’, including the well-known tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the lesser-known cannabidiol (CBD). While THC has been proven to give the weed its psychoactive properties, CBD is considered non-intoxicating and does not create a ‘high’.

Although cannabis is banned in most countries around the world because of the effect of THC, some say it should be legal but tightly regulated as a medicine, due to its potential as a treatment for pain and anxiety. CBD oil's arrival on the market was therefore seen as a miraculous response to this moral and legal conundrum, as the molecule is not addictive but still considered relaxing and soothing by some. Despite the instant fame, the plant extract remains controversial, sometimes out of sheer caution, sometimes out of suspicion about its real effects.

Where does Lush source CBD?

We do not purchase pure cannabidiol but extracts of various concentrations. You can find detailed sourcing information on their individual pages:

Cannabidiol in Propylene Glycol

Cannabidiol in Hemp Oil

Don’t hesitate to check out this comprehensive FAQ about CBD oil, and when you feel ready for a smooth and scented ride, take a stroll through our CBD range.

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