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Henna Hair Wrap
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The ultimate reusable hair wrap. Wear to enhance the effects of your pre-wash hair treatment or ditch the clingfilm and use to wrap your henna hair colour while it develops for redder results.

Water-resistant and designed to be able to cover all heads of hair, including locs, long hair, and Afro hair.

When cared for properly, your hair wrap should last you 10-15 henna applications. After each use, rinse in lukewarm or cold water to remove any product, then leave to air dry.

How to use:
Once you have finished applying your henna (Vénitien, Rouge or Marron), pile your hair up on top of your head and put on the hair wrap like a hood.

Take the tails and tightly cross them over the back of your head. Bring them to the front and tie securely.

Leave your wrap on for up to 2 hours before removing your henna.

What's this hair wrap made from?
This hair wrap is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and it takes just five bottles for each wrap! The waste bottles are collected and put into bales before being crushed and melted into chips. These chips are then melted again and spun into yarn before being sent to weavers to be made into fabric. Finally, the hair wraps are sewn by the women of re-wrap, a social enterprise in India focusing on environmental and social change."

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