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Hot Oil Treatment

Retain dyed hair's lustre

Hennaed. A solid henna hexagon on the end of a wooden stick. On the stick are instructions for use.
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Shiny, glossy effects for redheads, brunettes, and henna users, Hennaed hot oil treatment helps to retain the lustre restored in hennaed hair.

Why choose Hennaed?
The red henna in this treatment amplifies colour and provides shine. It's accompanied by extra virgin olive oil for tensile strength to strands of hair, and anti-static guar gum for conditioning benefits.

Deeply earthy, with a hint of sweetness from almond oil and vanilla absolute.

How to use:
Fill a mug with boiling water (leaving a little space at the top) and simply stir in your hot oil treatment until it has completely melted. Allow the treatment to cool for 5 minutes, or until cool enough to handle, before applying to dry hair. Sit back and relax for 20 minutes before shampooing out.

Build your routine:
Hennaed is perfect for using in between Henna hair colour application sessions.

Tofu cream shampoo makes a great gentle, protein-rich cleanse for using after using Hennaed.

Let Hennaed take effect whilst soaking in the tub with your favourite Lush bath bomb, amp up the luxury and bathe with Goddess.

How to store:
Leave in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use! Made too much? Keep in the bathroom for a moisture top-up as often as you need for up to 4 weeks.



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