A pink bombshell exploding with petals in purple fizzy water.

The Sleeping Giant

Bath Bomb

Bathe in a tranquil night sky

The Sleeping Giant. Two bath bomb halves tied together. Top shell is blue with inlaid white moon and star. Base shell is pink.
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How to store:
Keep somewhere dark and dry before enjoying your starry bath time. Before you are ready to unwind allow the glow-in-the-dark wax stars and moon to charge in natural light. 

How to use:
Add your giant bombshell to a filled bath, and as the shell dissolves, sleep-inducing flowers such as lavender and chamomile will be released. The stars and moon will float and glow on the surface. For an extra hit of serenity, turn off the bathroom light as you bathe in a relaxing night sky.

Did you know?

The wax stars and moon are reusable, so take them out of the bath to dry before you pull the plug, and keep them cool before adding to your bath next time.




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