A person with long brunette hair scrubs their open lips with pink Watermelon Sugar lip scrub, looking like they are having fun.

Watermelon Sugar

Lip Scrub

Fruity melon buffing

A sample of Watermelon Sugar lip scrub, half hot pink and half lime green in colour.
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"Love!! Really like the scent, definitely very sweet and fruity watermelon smell and nice scrub on lips (honestly I bought this cause Harry styles and tbh I was not disappointed) I definitely recommend!" - chloeevieetsy_

"...Tastes fruity and actually tastes like real watermelons and it’s got a slight buttery taste to it as well (in a good way); just like the other lip scrubs it does the same job, it gives you nice soft lips. This is probably now in my top favourite Lush products!.." - sophiegrace09

"I love this lip scrub! Not only does it have that fresh watermelon taste, the combination with the rose oil gives another layer of flavour and is very soothing. My lips feel exfoliated but the moisturising properties are the extra boost I need in winter and leave my lips feeling plump and hydrated." - emwhitehouse5

How to use:

Scoop a little onto your finger and gently buff onto your lips. Lick away the excess and enjoy fruity sweet, soft lips.


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