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Nettle and Peppermint Infusion


Nettle and Peppermint Infusion

Urtica dioica; Mentha piperita



Nettle and peppermint infusion stimulates the scalp and promotes the growth of healthy hair. To make the infusion, dried leaves of the plants are simmered in hot water.

When applied to the skin and scalp, the cooling sensation of peppermint is largely due to the menthol content. This can boost circulation in the scalp promoting hair growth. It has a unique effect on the scalp, as menthol can disrupt the hair fall cycle, prolonging the process of hair fall thereby allowing the hair to be retained within the scalp for a longer period. This result is best achieved with regular use of menthol on the scalp.

The stinging nettle is part of a genus of about 45 plants and it is widespread worldwide and is known for the stinging hairs on its leaves and stem. Nettle has been traditionally used to alleviate various skin and scalp conditions and herbalists believe it stimulates new hair growth and helps prevent hair loss.

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