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Bath Bombs

Bathing for health and happiness. Reduce stress, help circulation and improve your sleep.

Since their creation by Lush co-founder and product inventor Mo Constantine 30 years ago, bath bombs have made waves in bathtubs all over the world. Handmade bath bombs are what we’re famous for, but did you know that the very first bath bomb was pressed in Mo’s garden shed? Bath bombs come in all shapes and sizes, with different colours, fragrances and extra surprises. These fantastical fizzers can turn your average soak into a playground for the senses. We love to push the boundaries and will take you to next level bathing. Drop one of these handmade bath bombs into a hot relaxing bath for an explosion of colour and essential oils. From simply pressed, natural remedies to levelled up luxury bath bombs, add a little bath fizz to your bath time routine.

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