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Tea Seed Oil


Tea Seed Oil

Camellia Sinensis



And you thought we couldn't use more tea ingredients than we already did?

Seed in Japan

We source rare and luxurious tea seed oil from two suppliers in Japan, each with its own network of farms nationwide. Although Japan is famous for its tea, the demand decreased in the past decades and thus, the production. Some plantations have closed, leaving the precious Camelia sinensis plants unattended. 

In an attempt to keep the landscape and traditions alive, local farmers have tried to bring more value to these fields than just tea production, and that’s how they got to seed oil. The ripe seeds are harvested as they fall, then pressed at room temperature for their rich oil.

What are the benefits of tea seed oil in cosmetics?

The oil is rich in vitamins (K, A and E), offering antioxidant and soothing properties to the skin. It is also moisturising thanks to its fatty acids.

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