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Limited Edition

Bunny Moon

Bath Bomb

A comforting bedtime bath

Bunny Moon. A vivid, blue bath bomb shaped like a bunny head with pink ears and a heart nose. There are large pink holes to represent craters.
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AED 60.00

Relax under a blanket of slow-frothing foam that bubbles in streams of pink and blue, settling into a lavender sunset. Bath water turns silky soft as coconut milk powder and corn starch dissolve, while the creamy, comforting aroma of sweet benzoin resinoid and lime oil fill the air for a truly luxurious bedtime bath.

How to use:
No matter what stage of the lunar cycle your bath night falls under, drop this bun in the tub and hop in, embracing the skin-softening fizz.

How to store:
Keep this celestial bunny in a cool, dry place until you're ready to enter your bathing phase.




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