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Limited Edition

Eggs On Legs

Bath Bomb

Fruity blackcurrant baths

Eggs on Legs. A fun, two-part bath bomb consisting of a pink, spotty egg sat inside a blue egg cup with yellow legs.
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AED 85.00

Now serving ... eggs on legs! Enjoy multiple fruity baths with this limited edition Easter bath bomb - use the legs and cup for one bath and save the big egg to hatch in the tub next time. You may recognise the berry fruity bestselling scent of The Comforter bubble bar, a blackcurrant and bergamot blend that's comforting and sweet. Plus, each one is handmade fresh with potato starch and marshmallow root powder that leaves your skin feeling silky-soft.

How to use:
Savour this one like you'd savour your chocolate eggs - drop half in your bathwater and save the other for another time.

How to store:
Stand your Legs up somewhere cool and dry, until you're ready to walk them into your bathwater. 




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