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"I'm quite picky when it comes to fragrance from LUSH, but this is now my signature scent that I wear for any occasion, any time and I get so many compliments on it, it's definitely a fragrance that stands out from the norm!" - marisae2095

"This quickly became my signature scent- i never leave the house without it on if i can help it. On me it smells slightly of rum, of boiling caramel, and of patchouli." - kathryn_mcc_63

"smells like fizzy cola bottles on me. sweet and spicy. strong smell, great at lasting all day. one of my fave, smell of weather and grass now have a new buddy on my favourite shelf!" - joanne.hookey_

How to use:
Wherever you are, spritz yourself to release a thoughtful blend of energising grapefruit and nostalgic patchouli to welcome you home. Sweet tonka and warm labdanum resinoid keeps you grounded and endlessly hopeful for things to come.

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