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Silky Underwear

Silky Underwear

Dusting Powder

  • Vegan
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"Silky Underwear is the reason I shop at Lush. I'm a big girl and this stuff stops chub rub, makes my skin feel soft and smooth and is absolutely luxurious! Please never stop making this!" - Kim D

"So happy to find a talcum powder without actual talc in. Slightly sweet scent. Very good especially in summer on inner thighs and under boobs or other areas that get sweaty." - etalien.et_55572

"This is the best talcum powder that isn’t Johnson’s and it hasn’t any nasty chemicals. I love this. I really hope they don’t stop selling it ever." - Sam Tindal

How to use:

After bathing or showering, shake a little of this moisturising, dusting powder all over your body for velvety soft skin. With a dusting of Silky Underwear, you won't want to wear anything else.

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