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How to use eyeliner

When it comes to makeup; creativity and expression are key, with endless possibilities. However, there are some timeless techniques that elevate a look to the next level; like the tricky art of lining the windows to the soul.

Makeup can take many forms; from a mask on a bad day, a mood you want to evoke, to a costume for a special event. It can also act as therapy, taking your mind away from the every day, painting a blank canvas and marvelling at the final result. But as many makeup enthusiasts with no professional training will agree, it doesn’t always come easy and as with most things, practice makes perfect.

Swatch’ya doing?

First things first, colour. There's Metallic gold (Fantasy), striking silver (Success), and earthy bronze (Grounded), lining up next to colourful shades of emerald green and aquamarine blue (Courage, Motivation), not forgetting of course classic black (Independent). Each liner is super pigmented for amazing colour and glides seamlessly across the skin thanks to the inclusion of organic jojoba & Fairtrade aloe vera gel in the formula. 

Some help from the experts

Eyeliner for many is makeup Everest. One false move and classic cat-eye soon become two very different (and slightly wonky) lines across your lid leaving you sighing ‘well that will have to do’ as you leave the house.

With 6 bold and beautiful eyeliners at our disposal we asked Head Makeup Artist, Megan Edwards, to teach us how to apply 3 staple eyeliner looks...

1. Simple liner

What you’ll need: A small liner brush like Get In There.

Step 1: Dip the brush in your chosen lush eyeliner. 

Step 2: Keep your eye open and look down into a mirror. Draw a line starting on the inside and following your natural lash line stopping where your lashes finish. 

Step 3: Repeat steps to define the line and make the colour more intense! 

2. Classic cat eye for hooded lids

What you’ll need: A large angled liner brush like Wing It.

Step 1: Draw a line or dot outwards or upwards from the outer corner of the eye (this should be where you want your liner to finish).

Step 2:  Turn the brush around so the long side is on the outside. Start at the line or dot you have just drawn and sweep the brush inwards towards the upper lash line. Move the brush forwards and backwards until you have drawn along your entire lash line.

Step 3: You should be left with a triangle gap at the outer corner of the eye. Use the brush to fill this in and repeat as you wish until you get the intensity you want! 

3. Blended liner

What you’ll need: A small blending brush like Hey Big Blender.

Step 1: Dip your brush into your desired shade. 

Step 2: Close your eyes and pat the product directly onto the centre of the eyelid. 

Step 3: Using your ring finger to gently tap around the edges to blend and sheer out the colour around the eyelid.


Now it’s your turn!

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