Calamine (Kalaminpulver)


Calamine (Kalaminpulver)



Calamine powder gently cleanses the most delicate skin and soothes irritations.

Calamine powder is made up of zinc oxide, a white powder, and a dash of iron oxide, a rusty-red pigment. It’s the combination of these two that gives calamine its signature light pink colour. 

Zinc oxide is very effective at reflecting UV rays, protecting the skin from sun damage. Therefore, it isn’t rare to see calamine in, or used as a sunscreen. The oxide also has antipruritic (meaning it soothes itches) and antiseptic properties. It mattifies, cleanses and soothes irritated and acne-prone skin.

The absorbent property of calamine keeps the skin soft and dry which makes the powder an ideal base for dusting powders and deodorants. It also benefits self-preserving products, as it absorbs and retains liquid ingredients in formulae and creates an inhospitable environment for the microorganisms responsible for decay.

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