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Michelia Champaca Flower Extract (Champaca Extrakt)

Michelia champaca



In the tropical, evergreen forests of southern Asia, champaca flowers spread their sweet, heady perfume all around, attracting birds and beetles.

Where do we get it?

Lush sources champaca absolute from India. Farmers collect the fragrant flowers of the champak tree in the morning and bring them to the market. There, they're sold fresh by merchants for puja (or pooja) rituals or to wear as a scented accessory. Everything that hasn't been sold by the end of the afternoon is bought by the absolute producer.

What are the benefits of champaca absolute in a perfume?

  • The scent of champaca flowers is powerful and lies at the heart of fragrances.
  • It is floral, reminiscent of jasmine, lilac and orange flowers.
  • It has a honeyed, almost caramelised side, giving deep, heady and suave notes to perfumes. 
  • It is somewhat powdery, not in texture but in scent, as orris oil can be.

Unique stories

The champak (Michelia champaca or Magnolia champaca) is a tropical and subtropical tree of the magnolia family that grows fragrant flowers ranging from white to orange and reddish in colour. Although the name of these flowers is less known than that of jasmine or carnation, their absolute is often associated with them in perfumery, especially in fine, expensive fragrances.

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